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About Us

About Bikashayan

BIKASHAYAN, an Institute for persons with Intellectual Disabilities, was started on 2nd May, 1988 with the objectives of imparting Education, Training, Management and Habilitation services for individual with Intellectual Disability and associated disabilities.

Bikashayan,conducts manpower development programme and research in the area of disability rehabilitation as well as provides referral and documentation services.

The Institute facilitates persons with Intellectual Disabilitiy to be socially, personally and physically self-reliant. It believes that individuals with special needs have rights to live with full human dignity and free from attitudinal and social constraints. Bikashayan attempts to provide all possible means and facilities necessary for their optimal development. The Institute explores their potentiality for all round development.


•    To support the children with Intellectual Disability to be included in the mainstream of the society.
•    To provide all possible means and facilities necessary for their development.
•    To extend training and orientation programmes to the parents of Intellectual Disabled Children for best result.
•    To create awareness among the family members as well as communities about Intellectual and other Disabilities.
•    To hold periodical seminar/workshop/sensitisation Programme for the mainstream school teachers, students, people’s representatives and other stakeholders.
•    To hold Manpower Development Programme, Research and Documentation.
•    To provide consultancy services to GOs & NGOs.


Bikashayan,has a reputed well-knit HRD wing,which conducts various courses aiming at preparing a battery of well conversant, efficient and knowledgeable teachers/educators/instructors in the field of Intellectual Disabilities.



The main objective of the Special Education for the Children with Intellectual Disabilities to make him/her independent to the maximum potentials. The specially designed curriculum is prepared to meet the unique needs of the children. The students are categorized as pre-primary, primary, secondary and pre-vocational group. Each student is exposed to in- group and individualised training Programme which is designed to meet the needs in self-help, motor, functional academic, social and pre-vocational areas.

Better results are obtained as parents are involved in every stages of assessment, planning and intervention programme. Students are evaluated in every quarter and shared the development with the guardians, report cards were handed over to the parents for their information and future plan was framed accordingly. Special educators used to use various teaching/learning aids appropriate to children in classroom and suitable teaching methods are adopted.